Poly Tank Containment

Remove the risk associated with dispensing from large tanks by choosing one of these durable products that can withstand the rigors of any jobsite.       

  • Bulkhead Fitting (5276)


    Bulkhead Fitting

    SKU# 5276

    Retrofit your containment with a drain by installing a simple bulkhead fitting. Once in place, this fixture is compatible with our Bazooka trickle filter for added convenience.      WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals...

  • Poly-Tank  Containment Unit 275


    Poly-Tank Containment Unit 275

    SKU# 5275-BK

    Perfectly sized for the widely used 275-gallon obround tank, this containment sump helps protect against costly hazardous spills. It is specifically designed to save space while providing easy access to the tank and pump. Drain optional and can be...

  • Poly-Tank Containment Unit 550


    Poly-Tank Containment Unit 550

    SKU# 5550-BK

    Large tanks require large containment, and the Poly-Tank containment unit provides the right amount without wasting extra space. The interior is large enough to fit a 550-gallon skid tank, as well as hoses, pumps, and other related equipment. This is the...

  • Tarp Cover for 5275-BK


    Tarp Cover for 5275-BK

    SKU# 5275-TARP

    Tarps provide protection from the elements for your tanks and the containment itself. They are durable, chemically resistant, and custom fit to the sump to prevent rainwater intrusion that can cost you time and money. Extremely chemically resistant...