Military Spill Containment & Response

ENPAC is a small-business manufacturer of secondary spill containment, salvage drums, berms, and spill kits. We have decades of experience selling to the U.S. government and military, including the Department of Defense (DLA), Air Force, US Army Corps of Engineers, National Guard, US Marines, and others.

Cage Code: 4VB38
DUNS: 806906918

ENPAC is an approved source on various NSNs and accepts government credit cards. For additional information on NSN's or to request a quote, please contact us.

Military Spill Pallets & Spill Decks for Oil & Lubricants

ENPAC provides a full range of spill pallets, spill decks, & spill platforms to the military & government. When storing four 55-gallon drums, our plastic spill containment pallets are extremely chemically resistant, and will not rust or corrode. The ENPAC spill pallet is a staple of the modern military motor pool and remains a high-quality solution to protect against spills.

ENPAC has NSN #'s for all popular spill pallet models. To order by NSN # or with a government credit card, please contact us.

Military Spill Containment Berms

ENPAC manufactures a wide range of spill containment berms for vehicles, equipment, and bladders. All of our berms are portable, collapsible, and can be set-up within minutes. The ENPAC foam wall versions allow regular vehicle traffic with no manual assistance. All ENPAC military spill berms are made with heavy duty industrial fabric to handle wear & tear on rough terrain.

Typical military applications for ENPAC berms include:

  • Small berms (4'-10') – Generators and 55-Gallon Drums of Petroleum, Oil, & Lubricants (POL)
  • Medium berms (10'-60') – Fueling vehicles, including the HEMTT, and other large vehicles with fuel pods
  • Large Berms & Modular Wall Systems – Motor Pool storage & Bladders, including 10k, 20k, and 50k Berms

ENPAC has NSN #'s for all popular military containment berm models. To order your berm by NSN # or with a government credit card, please contact us.

Overpacks & Salvage Drums

Though much has changed since ENPAC introduced the very first threaded plastic salvage drum, providing the highest quality offering has remained a steady constant. For all of your dangerous goods shipping needs, ENPAC has a solution that is simple and effective.

ENPAC has NSN #'s for overpacks & salvage drums. To order by NSN # or with a government credit card, please contact us.

Military Fuel, Oil, and Vehicle Spill Kits

ENPAC's spill kits are designed and engineered for quick spill response of petroleum, oils, & lubricants (POL). Oil-Only spill kits include absorbents that are hydrophobic, preventing water absorption and targeting oil-based liquids for quick cleanup. They are the preferred solution outdoors where rainwater can interfere. Universal spill kits absorb all spilled liquids and offer versatility around vehicle maintenance & repair. Overall, the ENPAC spill kit offering is extensive, providing solutions for all liquid spill response applications.

If you don't see a kit on the website, we'll make a custom one for you. With over 30+ years of experience in spill response, our team of experts can certainly help. Please contact us.

Mobile Spill Containment Dolly & Carts

Jobs are seldom static, so why is your containment stuck in place? Use an ENPAC mobile containment option to keep you compliant and contain spills, without sacrificing efficiency or productivity. The ENPAC Poly Dolly and Spill Scooter are a must-have in today's military maintenance facilities.

To order by NSN # or with a government credit card, please contact us.

Outdoor Military Spill Containment

ENPAC was founded with a single product focused on a simple principle: protecting the environment from hazardous chemicals by providing customers with high quality, affordable solutions. Over the years, our offering has expanded to cover any and every spill containment product you may need. If you do not see something available on our website, we'll make it custom.

For additional information on ENPAC products, please contact us.

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