IBC Containment Spill Pallets

Safely contain bulk quantities of chemicals in one of the many IBC spill containment options that ENPAC has to offer.    

  • Corrugated Pedestal IBC Bin


    Corrugated Pedestal IBC Bin

    SKU# 5391-BK

    The IBC Bin is our most affordable single IBC containment option and features a unique platform made from corrugated plastic. This frame will not rust or corrode, yet boasts a load capacity of 3,000 lbs. to easily handle a full tote. It is also...

  • Double IBC Spill Pallet Dispensing Station 5483-YE


    Double IBC Dispensing Station

    SKU# 5483-YE

    This double IBC containment unit is an all-in-one integral dispensing platform. Its simple design securely holds two IBC containers without the need for additional grates or pallets. Ample sump space allows for contained dispensing into smaller vessels,...

  • Double IBC Pallet Low Top (5482-YE) - Loaded with IBC's


    Double IBC Pallet Low Top

    SKU# 5482-YE

    Convenient, low-profile storage and containment is available for your IBCs in the form of the Double IBC Low-top. The shorter platform is perfect for ergonomic dispensing, while the grid-style platform supports boast an 8,000 lb. load capacity. Holds...

  • Double IBC Tote Spill Pallet (5480-YE) - Loaded with IBC


    Double IBC Tote Spill Pallet

    SKU# 5480-YE

    Save space by combining your IBC totes into a single containment unit. The plastic platform can hold 8,000 lb. without the risk of rust and corrosion associated with steel frames. The large sump provides containment above and beyond regulatory...

  • IBC 2000i Tote Spill Pallet


    IBC 2000i Tote Spill Pallet

    SKU# 5469-YE

    With a range of standard features designed to improve workflow while still providing containment, the IBC 2000i is the industry leading tote pallet. It has a unique platform capable of handling two IBCs stacked on top of each other, as well as an...

  • IBC Bin (Sump Only)


    IBC Bin (Sump Only)

    SKU# 5390-BK

    If your operations make it more convenient to contain IBCs directly in the sump, rather than on a platform, then this product is an affordable alternative to standard containment pallets. It is lightweight but has a fully compliant sump, meeting all...

  • 5460-YE


    IBC Pallet Space Saver

    SKU# 5460-YE

    When space is a premium, but containment is a necessity, the IBC Space-Saver is the solution. With its narrow footprint, this IBC containment pallet takes up less area while meeting regulatory requirements for totes up to 330-gallons. It features and...

  • Black Diamond IBC Spill Pallet Main


    IBC Tote Spill Containment Pallet - Black Diamond

    SKU# 5469-BD

    The Black Diamond IBC Pallet fits more than 99% of all IBC units and boasts a 385 gallon sump capacity. Featuring an integrated 5 gallon pail holder, this unit is the most economical, one-piece, polyethylene IBC Pallet on the market! Integrated pail...