About Us

ENPAC was founded with a single product focused on a simple principle: protecting the environment from hazardous chemicals by providing customers with high quality, affordable containment solutions. Since the majority of accidents occur during the transportation of these items, a durable container was designed to protect 55-gallon drums during transportation, the 95-gallon Poly-Overpack Salvage Drum. Though it’s form has changed over the 30+ years ENPAC has been in business, it remains one of the most important tools for protecting the environment during transportation of hazardous chemicals.

Since its inception, ENPAC has continued to focus solely on manufacturing industry leading spill control and response equipment at its facilities in Eastlake, OH. Using a variety of molding and welding techniques, ENPAC fabricates American made, durable plastic containment products for a variety of applications in the harshest conditions. It has never strayed from the core principle of superior products, and continues to perform extensive quality control practices that ensure optimum performance across the globe.

As an environmental protection company, ENPAC prides itself on being a reliable last line of defense between pollutants and the planet. It recognizes that these chemicals are essential to our world, but ensures that they are managed responsibly. Proper secondary containment procedures and products not only protect the environment, but also the companies handling hazardous materials.

Research has shown that spills and workplace accidents cost business and industry millions of dollars every year. The average hazmat spill or lost time accident costs about $30,000 per incident, not including additional fee's imposed by government agencies. ENPAC helps protect your bottom line 24/7 by offering:

  • The world's largest, most comprehensive spill prevention product line.
  • Fully integrated design and manufacturing committed to delivering product fit, form, and function tailored to your unique needs.
  • Quality products backed by nearly three decades of experience in delivering top performance at the best value.
  • Expert advice focused on finding compliant solutions that won't disrupt operations

As ENPAC has grown, so has its customer base, and we are grateful for the opportunity to serve a variety of industries, keeping workflow safe and functional around the globe. ENPAC prides itself on world class customer service, so please feel free to contact us with any suggestions, questions or concerns. For any spill, large or small, ENPAC and its products are Protecting the Environment, and your Bottom Line®.