Cylinder Accessories

Get the most out of your plastic cylinder storage products with one of these accessories specifically designed to work flawlessly with ENPAC cylinder units.              

  • 6 Pack Ramp


    6 Pack Ramp

    SKU# 7203-BK

    Loading your 6-Pack Cylinder Rack from either side is easy with this sturdy polyethylene ramp. It also folds up on a hinge around the attachment point for low-profile storage when not in use. 

  • Caster Frame


    Caster Frame

    SKU# 7204-BK

    This heavy-duty steel frame for the 6-Pack Cylinder Rack is complimented with caster wheels to give your cylinder storage added mobility. It is custom fabricated for a perfect fit and designed to make maneuverability throughout your plant easy. 

  • Cylinder Strap


    Cylinder Strap

    SKU# 7205-BK

    This nylon strap is perfect as a replacement strap or extra part for added security with any of the ENPAC cylinder storage products.