Duck Ponds

Duck Ponds offer a convenient, portable option for containing vehicle drips and leaks on any jobsite. With different models and sizes to fit every application, they protect you from fines while protecting the environment from spills.   

  • ENPAC Duck Pond Original Rectangular


    Duck Pond


    For convenient, portable drip and leak protection, the Duck Pond is your solution. With 4" foam sidewalls, this unit can handle vehicle traffic, yet is light enough to carry around. It features handles and tie-down straps so that it can be secured to...

  • ENPAC Folding Duck Pond Main


    Folding Duck Pond


    When it comes to portability, ease-of-use, and spill response time, nothing beats the Folding Duck Pond. It features foam sidewalls that accordion fold to easily fit in the cab of a truck or another storage compartment. When needed, this flexible...