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About Enpac

ENPAC was founded with a single product focused on a simple principle: protecting the environment from hazardous chemicals by providing costumers with high quality, affordable solutions.

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How to Clean Up a Spill by ENPAC

The people at ENPAC produce the most effective spill prevention, containment and control products in the world. What better training could you get in the use of those products, than from the same people that produce them?

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Overpacks & Salvage Drums by ENPAC

Poly-Overpacks & Salvage Drums in Small, Medium, Large, and Huge!

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Featured Products

ENPAC Stinger Yellow Jacket Berm Main


Stinger Yellow Jacket


Stinger Yellow Jacket Berms feature our snap-up stay design with an 8" tall sidewall height for a lower profile. They are very chemically resistant and are cold rated to -55⁰ F (-48⁰ C) for superb...

ENPAC 4064-YE Roll Top Hardcover Spill Pallet Main


4 Drum Hardcover Spillpallet

SKU# 4064-YE

The convenience of outdoor storage meets the reliability of ENPAC spill containment with the Hardcover. Lockable rolling doors provide access to drums from either side of the unit while offering...

4 Drum Poly-Slim-Line 6000


4 Drum Poly-Slim-Line 6000

SKU# 5400-YE

Four drum spill pallets are the most popular containment solution, so why not choose the most popular model on the market? The Poly-Slim-Line has a low-profile sidewall for easy access to drums, as...

ENPAC Snap Up Containment Berm Main


Stinger Snap Up Containment Berm


Stinger Snap-Up berms are ENPAC's most popular and intuitive containment berm. Available in a wide variety of sizes, the triangular stays create a sturdy sidewall and are welded in place, leaving no...

2 Drum Workstation


2 Drum Workstation

SKU# 5117-YE

Workstations are low-profile spill pallets that allow you to customize a contained workspace for any situation. All models feature removable grates for easy access to the sump, and the plastic design...

Your Source for Keeping Workflows Safe and Functional

As ENPAC has grown, so has its customer base, and we are grateful for the opportunity to serve a variety of industries, keeping workflows safe and functional around the globe.

ENPAC prides itself on world class customer service, so please feel free to contact us with any suggestions, questions or concerns. ENPAC and its products are protecting the environment and your bottom line.