Spill Kit Accessories

All the extra equipment you need to keep responders safe and add accountability to your spill response program.   

  • Hazmat Disposal Bags


    Hazmat Disposal Bags

    SKU# R14005

    After a spill has been cleaned up, it is important to properly store and dispose of the soiled materials. These highly chemically resistant plastic disposal bags are easily visible and are marked “Hazardous” to alert anyone handling the bags...

  • Leak Repair Kit (13-LRK)


    Leak Repair Kit

    SKU# 13-LRK

    Stopping a leaking tank can be the key to minimal cleanup when a spill occurs, saving valuable time and money. This kit contains everything necessary to plug a leaking tank, preventing damaging rainwater intrusion and keeping your company in operation...

  • P.P.E. Spill Pak (13-PPE)


    P.P.E. Spill Pak

    SKU# 13-PPE

    The most important aspect of spill response is worker safety. Ensure first responders are properly prepared and equipped for whatever they might encounter. Includes: (1) Spill Pak Bag (3) Tyvek Suits (1) Face Shield Mask and Bracket (3) Pairs Boot...

  • Spill Caution Sign


    Spill Caution Sign

    SKU# R14007

    Safety starts with awareness, and this high visibility spill caution sign alerts others to the presence of a dangerous situation. It is lightweight and can be setup in seconds to help non-essential personnel avoid the area until it is safe for work to...

  • Tamper Seal Labels, 10 per Bag (13-TS)


    Tamper Seal Labels, 10 per Bag

    SKU# 13-TS

    Add accountability to your spill kits with this simple but effective tool. The red tape is easily visible from a distance, providing immediate feedback as to whether or not a kit has been accessed and a refill is necessary. Sold in packs of 10.