Lab Tray

No matter how carefully chemicals are poured, measured, and separated, accidents can and do happen. Our lab trays keep a minor mistake from becoming a big problem by shielding countertops, tables, and floors from unintended splashes and spills. Protect surfaces while actively pouring with products like Build-a-Trays, or use products like our chemical-resistant Poly-Labtray in storage to catch any drips on the sides of bottles, canisters, and jars. These products not only protect your employees and workspace, they also help with compliance along the way. They're the tools you need to keep your lab safe and clean, even when your workspace is at its busiest.

  • Build-A-Tray (5/case) - Black Diamond (5266-BD)


    Build-A-Tray (5/case) - Black Diamond

    SKU# 5266-BD

    Good things come in small packages, and the Black Diamond Build-A-Tray is no exception. The unique design allows it to ship in a flat envelope, ready to assemble, in a case of 5. What other secondary containment unit can make that claim? Perfect for...

  • Poly-Labtray



    SKU# 5248-YE

    The precise work that occurs in a lab requires tailored containment found in the ENPAC Poly-Labtray. Its plastic construction is very chemically resistant, while the design catches overflows of liquid and powder chemicals during standard lab operations...