Why Stormwater Management Is So Important

Why Stormwater Management Is So Important

Posted by ENPAC, LLC on Aug 21st 2020

Stormwater management is key to preserving the health and vitality of the environment and, thus, the health of the public. Stormwater runoff is defined as the overflow of precipitation over non-porous surfaces. As stormwater picks up oil, debris and pollutants, it carries them to clean water sources where it can do damage to wildlife and water quality. Learn why stormwater management is important for the health and wellness of society.

How Stormwater Affects the Environment

Particularly during the rainy season, which is spring and summer in most locations, stormwater that is uncontrolled can lead to streambank erosion, polluted waterways and contribute to the death of wildlife. As pollutants clog lakes and reservoirs, local fish and aquatic animals that rely on clean water to survive are forced to find another home or die from compromised water quality.

Types of contaminants that accrue in stormwater from non-porous surfaces may include:

  • Dirt
  • Oil
  • Detergents
  • Debris
  • Chemicals
  • Yard clippings
  • Refuse or uncollected garbage

While these items normally won't cause much damage in small amounts, stormwater collects all of this debris and, once entering the sewer system, pollutes clean water supplies.

Uncontrolled Stormwater Compromises Public Health & Safety

As unmanaged stormwater drains into clean water, the public is at risk of consuming contaminated water. Furthermore, boating and fishing activities may be interrupted leading to a decline in available fish and seafood that is safe to eat. Accumulated stormwater with nowhere to go causes flooding in neighborhoods and on roadways which leads to an increase in motor vehicle accidents and the threat of drowning.

The Economic Impact of Stormwater

Cities, towns and municipalities responsible for the management of local resources feel the weight of strained budgets if stormwater is not properly managed. Failure to properly manage stormwater can lead to property destruction and disrupt businesses and industries that rely on clean water systems, such as fisheries and tourism. Additionally, stormwater pollution increases the costs associated with water treatment and emergency flood mitigation.

The Best Prevention Tactic is Stormwater Management

A proven way to reduce damage caused by stormwater is to use products designed to augment existing infrastructure. For example, the use of a Dewatering Filter Bag serves to remove sediment and debris from stormwater before it enters the water system. An affordable and lightweight filter option is a Catch Basin Drain Filter which is available in multiple sizes, framed and frameless, to fit a variety of drains. Drain covers are another simple way to filter out sediment and debris from stormwater. Available in various sizes, drain covers can reduce or eliminate the additional costs associated with uncontrolled stormwater.

ENPAC: Your Source for Stormwater Management Solutions

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