2018 ENPAC University

2018 ENPAC University

Posted by ENPAC, LLC. on Jun 27th 2018

As June winds to a close, so too has another edition of ENPAC University. Since the beginning, we have always sold our product through limited distribution partners. As a privately held, family owned company, we like to extend that relationship to our channel partners as well. Over the years we have hosted customers from all across the world, bringing them into our home to learn and grow. We have been putting on ENPAC U for 20 years now, with no plans of slowing down.

For those who are unfamiliar, ENPAC U is an opportunity for our distributors to come to our facility and spend two days in the classroom. While visiting, students learn about the market, regulations, competition, products, and have the opportunity to witness our production and quality procedures firsthand. I would be remiss to omit the fact that we have a little (or a lot) of fun along the way as well.

People sitting in classroom.

Once class is out for the day, students return to the hotel to unwind before heading out for the evening, where they learn what being a part of the ENPAC family is really all about. Though the activities change each year, one constant is good food with great friends. This year, we spent an evening at a team member’s home, enjoying Italian cuisine from scratch to compliment a lamb roast. The next day, lunch was provided by our in-house BBQ champion, while that night was spent on a river cruise around downtown in celebration of the class’ graduation.

People posing in front of ocean.

With the end of another fantastic rendition of ENPAC U comes great memories and fruitful lessons. We look forward to hosting a new group next year, and may even see some familiar faces. After all, we do have a three-time attendee and multiple individuals have enjoyed the first round so much that they returned for seconds. It is truly our pleasure to have built such wonderful relationships with our distributors, and we look forward to the opportunity to grow this family, and our business, well into the future.