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The Enpac Group

The ENPAC Group consists of ENPAC LLC, PolyFlex LLC, Phoenix Associates LLC, and Black Diamond ECO Solutions LLC. With employees across the globe, this family of companies services customers in a broad range of industries around the world. We are proud to offer quality products and services backed by 30 years of experience in delivering the best value.

About the Enpac Group

The Enpac Group

ENPAC Group consists of four manufacturing companies located throughout the greater Cleveland, Ohio area. Comprised of ENPAC LLC, PolyFlex LLC, Black Diamond Eco Solutions, and Phoenix Associates, ENPAC Group focuses on bringing high quality products and innovative solutions to market. With a diverse and extensive line, ENPAC Group is sure to offer something that fits your needs. We proudly manufacture in the USA, keeping our customers’ needs as the driving force for product development. The ENPAC Group companies are leaders in their respective industries due to award-winning customer service and attention to detail throughout the entire manufacturing process.

ENPAC, the primary company of the ENPAC group, has introduced over 600 market-leading products since 1988. ENPAC initially began by designing and manufacturing products to meet government regulations for the handling of hazardous materials, beginning with the Poly-Overpack® Salvage Drum. Since then, the ENPAC Group has expanded with the addition of Phoenix Associates, PolyFlex LLC, and our most recent start-up, Black Diamond Eco Solutions. ENPAC is the name our customers know and trust to protect the environment, and their bottom line.

ENPAC Group Has Proudly Sponsored:

  • Walk for Diabetes

  • WomenSafe

  • American Heart Association

  • Epilepsy Association

  • Eastlake Little League, Baseball, & Softball Leagues

  • Boy Scouts of America

  • Girl Scouts of America

  • Vaalpenskraal Primary School in South Africa

Awards & Recognition

  • December of 2016 Black Diamond is featured in Aim2Flourish with Exemplar Recognition
  • June of 2015 ENPAC, LLC is once again recognized by Cleveland's The Plain Dealer, as one of the top work places of 2015
  • May of 2015 ENPAC, LLC is is featured in Business in Focus magazine
  • September of 2014 The ENPAC Group is featured in Wholesale Distribution International
  • June of 2013 ENPAC, LLC is recognized by Cleveland's The Plain Dealer, as one of the top work places of 2013
  • October of 2012 Alec Janda implements a bladder system manufactured by Polyflex at The Ohio State University to promote energy conservation through Rainwater Catchment.
  • July of 2012 ENPAC, LLC is awarded the Best of Eastlake, OH Award
  • June of 2012 ENPAC, LLC is recognized by Cleveland's The Plain Dealer, as one of the top work places of 2012
  • October of 2011 ENPAC is proud to be spotlighted in the latest issue of Manufacturing Today Magazine. Describing qualities such as Made in the USA and noted as The Global Leader in Spill Containment are just a few characteristics the article features.
  • September of 2011 ENPAC is highlighted as a fore-runner in the Drum Containment & Equipment industry by US Safety Catalog.
  • August of 2011 ENPAC was ranked in Inc magazine today as one of nation's fastest-growing companies.
  • September of 2010 ENPAC was awarded the Governor's Excellence in Exporting Award for 2010
  • January of 2010 ENPAC was awarded the Governor's Excellence in Exporting Award for 2009
  • January of 2008 Phoenix Associates becomes ISO Certified
  • Summer of 2006 ENPAC goes to Africa! After a visit by Scott & Alec Janda, ENPAC donated supplies, backpacks, tools, etc., to Vaalpenskraal Primary School in South Africa.

Our Companies

ENPAC is the world's leading manufacturer of plastic Spill Prevention, Containment, and Control products. Specializing in the design and manufacture of proprietary spill containment at its headquarters in Eastlake, Ohio, ENPAC has been the global leader in high-quality, value-driven environmental protection products for over 20 years.

ENPAC initially began by designing and manufacturing products to meet government regulations for the handling of hazardous materials. Beginning with its first design, The Poly-Overpack® Salvage Drum, ENPAC's innovative and award-winning products have been tested in rigorous service on every continent, and in virtually every climate zone on the planet.

ENPAC continues to lead the industry with new product introduction sold through a worldwide network of distributors in nearly 150 nations around the globe. As businesses face the increasing challenge of safely handling, storing, and transporting hazardous materials, ENPAC's line of products provide comprehensive solutions.

Black Diamond ECO Solutions is the industry leader in affordable spill containment products. While the prices may be the low, the quality is high. Black Diamond seeks to bring you the exact product you want, where you want it, when you need it, at a price you can afford. Meet all of your spill control regulations with our products that help you save money now and in the future by avoiding cleanup costs and fines. Black Diamond also manufactures innovative rainwater harvesting products to solve storm water mitigation and commercial/residential water containment needs. Whether you are containing hazard chemicals for compliance, or rainwater for reuse, Black Diamond offers quality in your price range.

PolyFlex is an industry leading manufacturer of flexible, portable spill containment and private labeled industrial fabric products. The entire PolyFlex line is proudly made in the USA and manufactured at our headquarters in Willoughby, Ohio. Standard products include durable containment berms, drip tray containment, decontamination pools, drip diverters, and storm water catch basin inserts. Custom products range from fuel bladders, to tarps, to containment berms large enough to line an entire oil wellhead. Our unique, component based manufacturing process allows us to reach unparalleled economies of production while maintaining the highest quality. Uncompromising attention to detail ensures that you are receiving the most durable and effective flexible spill containment available.

Phoenix Associates is an industry leading manufacturer of rubber gaskets, seals, and O-Rings in Northeast Ohio. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Phoenix Associates offers a variety of products for all needs at an unbeatable value. Having the ability to create custom products, Phoenix Associates is able to work with their customers to develop the lowest cost alternative without sacrificing quality. Phoenix Associates is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer and also qualifies for Small Business opportunities with the United States Government.

Corporate Responsibility

ENPAC Group strives to make our world a more environmentally friendly and safe place for us to live. We are responsible for the future of this planet and ENPAC wants to have a helping hand. Whether containing spills, catching rain water, or using eco-friendly materials, we not only live this mission, but also encourage people to do their part in making a positive impact on the world.

Training & Testing

ENPAC Group delivers the highest quality products to our customers. To ensure that we continue to provide exceptional products and services, we train all employees on safety and product compliance.  We test our products to make sure each unit leaving our facility is something we are proud to put our name on, ensuring the best possible consumer experience. 

Product Enhancement

ENPAC Group consists of industry leading companies that consistently develop new products and modify existing designs to guarantee our customers are receiving nothing but the best. Our in-house engineering team works continually to make sure we offer only the highest quality products.


We strive to ensure our customers around the world are safe while using our products. Our knowledgeable Customer Service and Sales Teams are trained to assist with all of your questions. Whether you require product information, regulation description, and/or product use, we want to ensure you are getting what you need, when you need it. Through ENPAC University, we educate our distributors on everything they need to know to best assist the final user. Distributors are brought to our headquarters in Eastlake, Ohio where they are able to see our manufacturing facilities while learning how they can better serve their customers.

Giving Back

ENPAC Group understands the importance of giving back to the community. We find it important to help those in need and support those trying to make a difference. Whether donating to local charities or participating in events, ENPAC Group encourage employees to work together to make a difference.