Diverter Berm Repair Material - 4"W x 61"L

SKU: 48-461-BRM-DB

ENPAC Diverter Berm Repair Material is used for repairing or reinforcing damaged sections of the berm.

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ENPAC Diverter Berm Repair Material is used for repairing or reinforcing damaged sections of the berm.

4"W x 61"L
Diverter Berm Corner - 2"H (48-2CORNER-DB)


Diverter Berm Corner - 2"H


As the name suggests, the primary function of the diverter berm is just that; diversion. Divert spilled liquids away from walkways and drains or capture them in a designated area. Perfect for...

ENPAC Diverter Berm 54' Long Kit


Diverter Berm Kit - 2”H x 54’L

SKU# 48-254-DBKIT

Create a square or rectangular containment area with this handy Diverter Berm kit. Perfect for creating a barrier around stationary machines or equipment. The straight sections can easily be cut with...

Berm Repair Kit


Berm Repair Kit


This basic repair kit serves as a temporary solution for minor tears in your containment berm. Simply cut the sheet to size, peel off the backing, and stick it in place.  Includes five 8...

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